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September 28, 2021 2 min read 1 Comment

Getting healthy, balanced and delicious meals has never been easier with Balanced Foods in Houston, Texas and Tampa, Florida. 

Choose from our huge menu of freshly prepared meals from breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks available in sizes small, medium, large and Family style sized portions delivered to your door.


Nobody likes forcing themselves to eat something they don't like. So we reinvented what healthy foods should taste like with our savory and tasty breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks menu where with each bite you keep asking yourself, "How is this healthy?".

Meals like our popular breakfast tacos and breakfast crunch wrap, to our chicken fettuccini Alfredo, bbq beef tenderloin with mashed potatoes to our turkey chili, chicken salad wraps, zesty turkey pasta and stir fry!  

These are all so good, you'll finally be able to enjoy eating a healthy and balanced diet every day!

Because our meals come in 4 sizes between Small, Medium, Large & a Family sized portion, you can be sure to get the balanced macros and calories you need at each meal.

Balanced Foods Steak & Egg Muffin Breakfast Item


Balancing our lives between work, home, raising families are barely manageable. It's no wonder frozen or fast food options are the typical go-to.

You scour the internet for recipes then write up your shopping list and it seems not only overwhelming, but expensive and very time consuming.

No wonder eating healthy is hard to to do.


Time is the most important thing we have, and the last thing we want to do is spend it shopping, chopping, cooking and cleaning our lives away.

Now, by visiting BalancedFoods.com, you can order your meals for the week within 15 minutes and get back to enjoying life.

Online ordering at BalancedFoods.com


In the Houston, Texas and Tampa, Florida areas, you can order our freshly prepared meals direct to your door from our own team. Simply order online, select your delivery date, and you're done.

Then our culinary teams go to work making sure your meals are the freshest and best tasting from our own kitchens in Houston and Tampa.

Then delivered to your door in our insulated bags that you can keep and reuse.

Stock your fridge with the freshest, and best tasting meals balanced for a busy and healthy lifestyle!

Balanced Foods with new at-home delivery

Just visit www.BalancedFoods.com and enjoy the fast and easy way to start eating healthy again from our huge breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack menu.

Eat Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

Balanced Foods 


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David Caven
David Caven

September 21, 2022

I am in the Memorial area and am interested in using your food to help lose some weight. Please be in touch. Thank you.

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