How To Create New Habits That Stick in 2022


4. REMIND YOURSELF Every day have a list with your new goals listed. Every habit you accomplished that day, mark it as completed with a check! When you cross off that last habit you completed for the day, look at the entire list you accomplished. Take a moment revisit the day and what it took for you do complete it. Then look in the mirror and tell yourself, "GOOD JOB" and HIGH-5 yourself in the mirror. This is how you build self-confidence each day, and is a very important part to building these new habits.


1/ 8/22

Balanced Foods is excited to announce the opening of its Webster, Tx store making it the 7th location of the brand.  Balanced Foods - Webster, Tx Conveniently located at the intersection of Bay Area Boulevard and I-45, this thriving community that is home to NASA Johnson Space Center, Nassau Bay,...

10 Helpful Habits To Crush Your New Year's Resolutions

1/ 6/22

NEW YEAR NEW YOU authored by Balanced Team Member, Weslee Pierson A fresh start, a new beginning, a breath of fresh air, turning a new page is what New Year Resolutions are all about. The New Year brings in a slew of dreamers, hoping to fulfill a resolution. The big...

How To Crush Your Fitness Goals with 7 Easy Healthy Habits

4/ 5/21

Anybody can set goals, but how can you become someone who can crush their fitness goals? Follow these 7 easy healthy habits and you will will in no time! The 7 Easy Healthy Habits to Achieve a healthier You: #1: Eat small meals frequently.  Every 2 ½ to 3 hours you...

3 Foods To Help Reduce Anxiety!


Additionally, there are some foods you can eat that may help lower the severity of your symptoms, mostly due to their brain-boosting properties. Here are 3 science-backed foods and beverages that may provide some anxiety relief.


2/ 4/20

Diet myths have come and gone, but some manage to stand the test of time. For example, the claim that celery, lettuce or other fruits and vegetables are zero calorie, is based on wishful thinking. NOT research.